New Mama Celebration Planner

New Mama Celebration Planner

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Your Ultimate Guide to feeling seen and supported in motherhood.

Don’t wait to lose yourself in motherhood, follow this guide to feel more ease in your mind and body as you grow to know yourself as a human who is also a mother.

By connecting with yourself and what brings you joy BEFORE your baby comes, and having resources for postpartum clearly laid out and at your fingertips, you free up that mental space to bond with your baby, reach out for (and allow in) support, and look at yourself with a lens of love once you’re holding them in your arms. 

Start your mornings looking yourself in the eyes and feeling seen and loved. In just a few minutes each morning- whether solo or with a baby in your arms- you are set up for your day feeling proud of yourself and looking forward to simple activities that make you smile with the ones you love most.

Wrap up each day with celebration and reflection to harvest the good and forgive the rest. When you show up for you, everyone around you wins too.

Keep this guide by your side during your first year postpartum and let it blossom into a treasured keepsake of your celebrations and growth during this precious time.


-3 sections: 1. Prepare for Postpartum 2. Welcome to Motherhood 3. Celebration Planner

-Celebration Planner: 4 month/18 week undated Monthly Calendar, Monthly Wellbeing Check in and Recap, Weekly “What’s Happening”, and Daily Planner pages

-Monthly Wellbeing Check-ins and recaps: Tune in with your current and ideal feelings and bridge them with action steps, boundaries, and a habit (30 day tracker in daily pages) to feel seen and supported in motherhood. 

-Daily Planner Pages: From "I LOVE YOU" every morning to Celebration and Growth every evening, The daily planner pages have you feeling more confident in motherhood with less guilt and stress. Yes, please!

-4 month/18 week wrap up and celebration

-convenient size 6”x 9”

-hardcover and softcover


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